Katie’s Story

Katie is a jerkyholic and she has always been. While Katie was in college, her favorite snack was beef jerky. However, the jerky she was buying wasn’t good enough. She took matters into her own hands and started making her own jerky. She learned that she was pretty good at it and others thought so as well. So much so, they were using their hard-earned dollars to buy her delicious, unique, Original beef jerky.

Katie earned a degree in engineering and fell in love with manufacturing. She had a successful career as an engineer, though her dream of making the best jerky on the planet was always alive. This passion was so great that in 2014, Katie founded Katie’s Premium Jerky and Snacks.

What started out as one Original recipe has grown into a business offering a full line of beef, pineapple, and exotic meat jerkies with more than 60 recipes to choose from. Shop our jerkies here! 

We also produce several of recipes for you to use in your own kitchen! Shop our seasonings here! 

Private labeling and contract packaging are also additional services we offer. Click here for more information. 

Why Choose Katie’s?

  • Over 60+ flavors available including beef, wild game, and pineapple (vegan)
  • Variety of Sugar Free/Keto Friendly flavors
  • Wide range of heat! We have 10 levels of heat with a wide variety of flavors
  • All of our products are Gluten Free
  • Won over 80 awards! Click here to see our complete list 
  • All Products
    • All-Natural
    • Gluten Free
    • No MSG added
    • No Nitrites
    • 100% Whole Muscle
    • Hand Crafted

Katie’s Premium Jerky & Snacks

4094 Anson Dr. Hilliard,
OH 43026 (614) 440-0780

Factory Pickup is Available!

Monday – Friday:  8am to 4pm
Saturday: 10am to 3pm