3 Tier Wholesale Starter Kit


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Start off with as many as 12 different flavors with this beautiful counter top display!

Basket 15″ Wide, 29″ High and weights approximately 30 pounds.

Price includes shipping surcharge to most locations.  Pickup is available.

There are no promo codes for this item.  Please contact us directly for any questions about pricing, customization, shipping, etc.  614-440-0780.

Standard Product choices (12 each):

  1. Original
  2. Maple
  3. Peppered
  4. Pot Roast
  5. Brown Sugar Pineapple (*Spicy Option)
  6. Teriyaki (*Spicy Option)
  7. Garlic Lovers’ Dream (*Spicy Option)
  8. Smoky BBQ (*Spicy Option)
  9. Black Cherry Bourbon (*Spicy Option)
  10. Seriously Spicy
  11. Ghost Pepper’d
  12. Carolina Reaper

*Spicy Option:  Instead of 12 mild, it would be 8 mild and 4 spicy.

2 Tier Option:  Choose 9 of the 12 flavors.  Ghost Pepper’d and Carolina Reaper are +$12/case (12)